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About Us

Kranx Fishing Lures is respected and fast growing manufacturer of fishing products. Our company has been producing a high quality line of products designed to catch big game fish. A few years ago we saw a need for a better product. Our initial plan was to focus on producing this line for the Great Lakes region. We are now shipping lures across the US and to other countries started and still being made in Youngstown, Ohio.

Kranx Fishing Lures are specially designed and made with the highest quality materials to insure successful results. In harbors and inlets around the Great Lakes you can find charter boats and local guides relying on Kranx Fishing Lures as trusted tools.

Catching big fish are what dreams are made of. Every true angler dreams of going toe-to-toe with a monster heavy weight fish. You can up the odds of catching that big fish with Kranx Fishing Lures. That dream is the foundation of our company. We have been and will continue to offer the best customer service and products selection. All of our products come with a money back guarantee.